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Scottsdale Radiologist MRI Scan in Scottsdale, AZ

Ever wonder what is going on inside?

Many people can have aneurysms or cancer inside them without any symptoms or known risk factors. These diseases do not discriminate with age, gender, race or social economic status. Even those who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly are not immune.

Unfortunately, these diseases are often detected too late. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here is the good news: PREVENIUM promotes the Full Body MRI health screening as a great way to non-invasively look inside your body. Your scanned images will be reviewed by Board Certified Radiologists who will generate a written report that will be mailed directly to you.

After you receive in the mail, the Radiologist's written report of your examination, it is very important that you follow-up on all findings and the proper recommendations with your own personal physician. Because every individual is different, your doctor will provide you with customized follow-up health care and recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

*This screening is not a replacement of your doctors, but a supplement to your annual physical exam. Your doctor may recommend additional screenings based on a variety of factors, particularly on your personal health history, age and family medical history.

Your personal privacy will always be kept with strict confidence. It is our policy to respect patient's confidentiality. Patient and health records will not be released without patient's written consent.